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Working the Steps while in Treatment


Every treatment center is different.  Some try to have their clients work all 12 steps in 30 days, others send their clients out to real meetings, or hold them there.  What was your treatment experience? 

It has been a while ago, but I was expected to work a step per week while in intensive outpatient for the 6 weeks of the IOP section of their program. I was also expected to make a meeting the 2 nights a week I was not in Intensive Out Patient. And to have a sponsor before I graduated to "aftercare" (2 x 2 hour sessions a week in the treatment center instead of 5 x 4 hour sessions) for the rest of the year of treatment.

Looking stepwork while in treatment was sorely lacking in depth, more focused on what I thought they wanted to hear than "reality". To top it off, I used "doing my 4th step in treatment" as a handy excuse to not work a real 4th step with my sponsor for a year.


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