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What is H.A.L.T. and how YOU utilize it in your recovery?


What is H.A.L.T. and how YOU utilize it in your recovery?

This has proved to be a very, very important little tid bit for me.



At times I find myself feeling very short tempered for no apparent reason so i stop and ask myself these 4 simple questions and 99% of the time at least one of them applies! If I am hungry, I eat something. If I am angry, I check myself for fear because for me most of the time if I am angry it is attached to fear for some reason and my fears are generally False Evedence appearing Real. If I am lonely I go to a meeting, call my sponsor or call another woman in recovery. If I am tired and still at work i will take moment breaks and repeat a little 3 line montra in my head,,,concentrating on my breathing I repeat,,, I am happy, I am healthy, I am free and this always works for me to improve my energy level. Bed time that night will be a bit earlier than normal.
These 4 simple questions apply to so many different situations in my life! To many to mention here but the bottom line is it works!!


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