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What is 'relapse mode'? How can I stop 'relapse mode' from becoming 'relapse'?


What is 'relapse mode'?  How can I stop 'relapse mode' from becoming 'relapse'?

I have done much trial and error finding my way in recovery and my experience with relapse mode has been when I become constantly agitated, borderline angry and just not comfortable in any situation. For me this has happened when i back off with my meeting schedule and early on in my recovery it was a daily battle not to isolate! I spent the last 3 years of my using in complete isolation!  rarely left my room and  never left my house, my shit was delivered right to my bedside. It was a HUGE! problem and daily battle just to get up and go to a meeting then the minute I returned home I struggled to not go to my room and shut the door. As Susan says "Little by slow" I have learned to not! sit alone in my room in fact now my door is always open and I smoke outside! I do not go in there until it is bed time. I would get STUCK! in there for days at a time. Freedom from this is such a huge blessing. I have had my absolute fill of the relapse mode so I do not waver from my regular meetings, service etc. I choose freedom! I have learned what works for me and what does not.

Thanks Linda - that's exactly what I need to focus on - not isolating [at work or home.]
My spouse is tired of all my attempts and doesn't feel like offering positive feedback - but I learned I need to EARN it!

Will try to keep this in mind for next 24 hours [day at a time]



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