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Author Topic: In NA, we live Just For Today, how do you live Just For Today and why is it..  (Read 3584 times)

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In NA, we live Just For Today, how do you live Just For Today and why is it important to remember to live in the now and not the past or future?
Kyo dake wa (Just for Today)
Okoru na (Anger not)
Shinpai suna (Worry not)
Kansha shite (Be grateful)
Gyo wo hage me (Work hard)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Be kind to all)
Asa yo gassho shite kokoro ni nenji kuchi ni tonaeyo (Morning & night w. hands held in prayer say these words w. mind & heart)

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Kyle i believe that all we have is today because we can not change the past nor can we control what happens in the future. Also i believe that when we are in TODAY we are not regretting the past or fearing the future and it keeps us on an even keel. It takes a lot of practice to live in the moment but the stronger our faith in a loving God grows the easier it gets. Hope this helps a bit :)
"Narcotics Anonymous offers only one promise and that is freedom from active addiction, the solution that eluded us for so long." Basic Text, p.102

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Feel you... I feel like though I know I have to solely focus on the 'now,' I can't help but overthink what tomorrow or my future will bring, because of what my drug use has done to screw up the positive path I used to be on (college, for example... which I ended up withdrawing from and am now in lovely debt with 0 credits). As for the past, it seems to be a constant hinderance on my everyday life, they say to only think about the day we are in today, but how am I to just forget all of the bad things I've done to myself and my loved ones just like that, like it never happened at all?

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I don't think that by living Just for Today we forget what happened in the past or try not to plan for the future. For me I believe that Living for today means doing everything in my power today to be a productive member of society and to keep my recovery first.

I try to not worry about the future too much and rely on a higher power that everything will work out as it is supposed to. I understand the whole college debt, and past wreckage coming back to haunt u... For me i stay in today by dealing with those things as best i can, Like calling a collection company and setting up payment arrangements, or doing what I can today for planning for college....

All we can do is what we can do in one day, there is always some fear for the future but when i try to remember that I've done all i could today for my recovery and leave the rest to a Higher power than the burdan seems a bit lighter tomorrow.  :hugs: When i get too bogged down by what may or may not happen in the future or get really depressed by whats happened in the past... than I end up stuck in the present by fear, unable to do anything... most of all anything positive, Eventually leading me back to a path of destruction which i don't want to go back to. So i try to live Just for today and do what I have to for my recovery and take the rest piece by piece to heal my past.
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