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Need to share
« on: November 16, 2012, 12:29:48 PM »
I may not have a smile to wear, all I have now is care,
All I have now is a need to share, so here I confess,
While my loved ones vanish in the air, life seems unfair,
My damage is beyond repair, and the strength I don't possess,
I try the best I can, not yet a recovery fan,
After all I'm just a man, who tends to wreck and obsess,
I'm not sure where to stand, today nothing comes in hand,
I wish I had a magic wand, that would make me progress,
I try my best just to do well, but when I hear the bell,
I suddenly go unwell, and I this I must express,
I wish I knew just one spell, that would make me drugs repel,
That would vanish the smell, of fears and regrets I repress,
Do not believe I could ever be well again unless,
I learn a healthy way to my feelings tame and express.