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Author Topic: Wish upon Matar  (Read 2876 times)

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Wish upon Matar
« on: November 21, 2012, 10:53:57 AM »
Today I requested to a star, to guide me from afar,
Lead me to wherever you are, without you I'm not whole,
It may seem distant and far, but it knows about my scar,
It was a gift from you, Matar, the star that lights my soul,
She has seen me soaked in tears, drowning in my biggest fears,
She has seen me all these years, how I dug my pity hole,
She heard my prayers loud and clear, knows how much I need you near,
I will forever hold you dear, in my heart you reigned sole,
She knows my love is still agleam, that I still cry a stream,
Wish she could tell me where you've been, you still are my all,
I now remember you with a grin, weird as it may seem,
I am trying to redeem, to recover is now my goal,
I wish Matar could tell you, the other half of my soul,
That I still miss you, my precious love, you still own me whole.