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Author Topic: This is a poem that I wrote when I felt that I might fall off of my path.  (Read 3238 times)

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Your Love for me has begun to fray,
My choices in life have led me astray,
But the man I have been is no more,
With your love I am building a shore,
holding my demons far at bay,
I now have light to show me the way,
searing so bright all along,
I realize now how much I was wrong,
My heart has been so cold,
But with your love I will not fold,
My path is long and hard but I will not retreat,
Tall and strong now I stand on my own two feet,
My strive for life is here once more,
I do not envy the obstacles that stand before,
For my path wide and worn,
Obstacles will be left smoldering and torn,
Life has smacked me in the face and given me a new lease,
So on this day I give my life to love, happiness, and peace,
All this time I should have listened,
My senses were blocked by this affliction,
Now my eyes are open wide with the thirst for life,
My obstacles should have fear for my open stride,
Under my boot my afflictions cannot flee,
Committed is the man I want to be,

Mark - Addict

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Thank you for sharing this with us {{{{{Mark}}}}}. It is beautiful and perhaps by sharing it your experience can help another addict who is dealing with some rough going as well. I wish I still had the book I had been writing in during my first several years clean. Somewhere in moving when I had about 5 - 6 yrs clean it got lost in the shuffle and I never was able to find it again. There were many poems, prose etc that I would have loved to have been able to share with other addicts.
Keep writing and posting. :) I found it a very positive release for myself when I was early in recovery and it also helped me figure some things out when I had hit some rough spots in my journey as well.

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