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Author Topic: Things have been going great in recovery, why is it not getting better at home?  (Read 3160 times)

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Q. Things have been going great in recovery, why is it not getting better at home?

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This is a great topic!

I asked my sponsor this very question early in recovery and she told me that we tend to do the most harm to those that remain close to us. In my case they were the only ones except my dealer that were still around. They got sicker and sicker as my addiction progressed. Patterns and behaviors had been set in stone over the years and it took a lot of chipping away at them little by little for them to change. It took a long time, and for very good reason, for my family to begin to trust me again and to even feel slightly comfortable around me. It was very hard work, I would become aware of a behavior then begin working on changing it. Sometimes it seemed that I would take 2 steps forward then 3 steps backwards but I did not give up. I made verbal amends to my Family but what I have found is that it takes a living amends, proof so to speak for them to begin to heal as well. I used for many many years, a lot of damage had been done to them. I had recovery, meetings, sponsorship, step work, spiritual work etc to help me heal and begin to change but my family had none of those tools so there healing process has taken much much longer.
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