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Author Topic: My friends from when I was using keep calling me...why can't I hang with them?  (Read 3381 times)

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Q. My friends from when I was using keep calling me...why can't I hang with them?
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From my experience, some of our "friends" don't want to look at themselves and whether or not they have a problem, especially those that used as much or maybe even more than we did. I actually had one couple tell me that they couldn't be around me after I got clean because of that. Also, others don't understand what we have been through or why we are getting clean nor do they understand the disease. They don't realize that the 1st one sets off a progression. I heard often that just 1 wouldn't hurt. I am so glad I listened at meetings and took to heart that "One is too many and a thousand never enough" cause it saved my ass several times in my early recovery. That 1st year I was still married to a person who is still using today and he sure didn't understand nor care why I got clean (he even told me that later) and would often try to get me to use again with him. At close to 1 yr clean it came to a head and I had to choose that relationship or my life - I chose my life. Just my ESH  :)   I know that choice isn't for everyone, though it was right for me. 
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