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Thank you to all members that have submitted so many awesome questions!  We are changing the way submissions are made now, by asking all members to start a topic with their question.  Do feel free to respond to any of the questions in this archive, by copy-pasting or typing the question into a new topic.

The following questions were submitted by Rae:

Why do you think step one is written in two distinct parts?

How are powerlessness and unmanageability related in your recovery?

Why do you think Step 2 refrains from using the word "God?" How does this affect your understanding of your higher power?

The action of Step 3 is making a decision, but that decision creates real change. How do you act on the decision you made in step 3?

Tradition one states that "Unity is a Must in Narcotics Anonymous," what does unity mean to you?

Step two states that we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. How does keeping to Tradition 2 maintain the sanity and the sanctity of a group?

Have you ever been frustrated with a member who relapsed multiple times and wished they would 'make up their mind?' Have you been that person? How does the Third tradition protect all members, even those who have had trouble staying clean?

From the "Group Booklet," "NA groups—not NA meetings—are the foundation of the NA service structure." Why do you think this is? How does it protect the service members of a group and the meetings conducted?

These questions were submitted by JudyO:

Here is a few topics for you...I also chair an Ask the Basket meeting.

How do I CELEBRATE and not use?
How do you have fun clean?
Share about your favorite things to do.

I don't understand what is the difference between
the fellowship and the program ?"
Aren’t they the same?
Can you explain this to me?"

What is your favorite recovery quote or slogan
What is your least favorite recovery quote or slogan
Please tell us why?

I am new and I have read the 12 steps,
When I have shared on them in a meeting,
Why do people tell me to get a sponsor?

The ONE THING that I NEED to
work on the most is...
(take a risk and share with us)

My Sponsor is telling me that I am in relapse
and I haven't used drugs..........
What is a relapse?
I’m scared of these upcoming holidays !!!
My family get togethers are a trigger.

Were you ready to stop when you finally stopped ?
How long did you continue to use after you no longer wanted to use ?
What made you take the final step ?

One of My Friends In Recovery Passed On,
I am going through so many feelings..... HELP!!!
How do I Deal with Loss and Grieving in Recovery
and feel these feelings and not use?"

I can't stop using and someone said to me
"Recovery is not going to start working,
until everything else has stopped working"
What did it mean to you when you heard
What has become of you as a result of taking that suggestion ?

I am Lonely, What do I do with this feeling?
I want to act out,
Which really means I want to hurt myself.
I have NO reference points of being able to feel this feeling
and take care of myself.

What is your definition of an oldtimer (in the rooms)?
Do you believe that "oldtimers" are viewed/treated differently
than other addicts in the rooms ?
How do you avoid becoming complacent ?

I am new, do I surrender to the program?
Or do I surrender to the disease?
How does this work?
I thought surrendering meant I was weak.

The following questions were submitted by HopeisFound:

Have you surrendered? if so, how and why?

we hear that an addict alone is in bad company! do you believe this to be true and if so, why?

how many f2f meetings a week do you think are necessary/

why is it so important to be able to ask for help

what does faith and hope mean to you?

what do you do to get out of your head, to slow down negative chatter?

are you powerless? if so, please explain how

why is it so important for us to surrender

what does having reservations mean to you? do you have any?

what does sponsorship mean to you? Do you have one?

what steps do you take to work thru a resentment? why is it important to rid ourselves of them?

why are personal amends so important? have you made any? if so, did it effect your recovery?

what does being responsible for your own recovery mean to you?

why are commitments important? do you have any?

we hear there are three things that are indespencable, honesty, openmindness and willingness, what does this mean to you?

What does turning it over mean to you? Have you been successful with this? if so, please explain how!

The following questions were submitted by Gemm:

What has been the most traumatic thing you have had to face in your recovery and how did you get through it clean?

How do you figure out what you are feeling and then learn to deal with all the new feelings in recovery?

What are some of the tools of recovery that you use on a daily basis and why? How do they help you stay clean?


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