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keeping your head above your feet!


what does keeping your head above your feet mean to you? How would it help in your recovery/

I DO sometimes feel like I am drowning in life on life's terms.  The more I struggle when that is happening, the less I can take action to deal with what is going on.  It is more the struggle than the actual situation every single time, so I address the struggle, not the circumstances that I am currently struggling with.  I use basic tools...breathe, HALT, talking to another addict, go to meetings, try to meditate or pray, etc.

Something came to mind that I have heard a few times about struggle too, as it relates to being able to receive the help that is freely offered if I reach out is very difficult to rescue a drowning person when they are panicking and flailing in the water.  I think of this when I am trying to stop 'flailing' and panicking.  I love visuals, and thinking of this image stops some of the spinning too. 

Thank you Linda, great one.


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