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My letter to Heroin-A cry for Help (POEM)


A cry for Help
I'm writing this letter for help, but I don't know who I'm writing to.
My way of life & thinking don't work,I no longer know what to do!
I wake up in the morning just to get high,
it's no longer fun,I have to do it just to get by.
Buying,selling&shooting dope all day and night,
this is no way to live,I'm starting to lose the fight.
Rob,steal,lie and cheat whatever I have to do,
I'm powerless over a little bag that's a pretty color blue.
No longer allowed in my house, all the trust i have lost,
at the time it didn't matter I got my dope at any cost.
How do they believe you're sorry, when all you do is lie,
the only truth about the dope game is: I'M GOING TO DIE!!!
Here I sit at NA praying just to live,
making calls to home hoping they forgive.
This is a letter for help for anyone who will listen,
show me a better way of life,

P.S: My sponsor encouraged me to start a Journal, because I had huge problems opening up to people or to share.For the first 3 months I came to NA, I never shared or read.I also have huge trust issues.My sponsor thought a journal would be a good idea, to learn to open up and deal/accept my emotions and feelings. So recently I started writing Poetry and even got in Service. Today I thank God and NA and my Sponsor that through their help I don't have to live like this anymore.
Thank you J.B

Welcome home Sweetheart. I hope to see you in our chatroom at some point.

Old NA saying from a crusty old timer:

--- Quote --- Only an addict will take all the money they can scrounge up, go meet someone in the bad part of town, give them all of the money in hope of not getting ripped off, and with the hope that what they get to put in their body won't kill them stone cold dead - THEN worry about trusting addicts in recovery enough to talk to them honestly.
--- End quote ---


welcome sweetie glad you found us and pray that you continue to hold on and remember just for today you never have to use again I hope to get a chance to chat with you in the chat room much love and many hugs

welcome home sweetheart glad you found recovery keep coming no matter what, we believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself hugs

 :hugs: You are never alone, never again, and you are loved...welcome.


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