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Bus Rider


Bus Rider
~by Odie Morningstar

A long time ago, I met me some friends.
 Said “Hop on the bus, to where happiness ends.”
 You don’t need a ticket you pay with your soul.
 Gonna party with misery down in the black hole.
 It started out fun, ‘til misery arrived.
 A three headed dragon with death in its eyes.
 Denial then plagued me, motivated by fear,
 I stayed on the bus ‘til the next stop appeared.

I hopped the next bus, keys in my hand,
 My turn to drive into insanity land.
 I drove round in circles, got lost on the way.
 Hopeless and desperate ‘til I heard someone say,
 Come now, my child, let me drive the bus.
 Clear your soul now of the storms and the dust.
 The road you had traveled, never straight, always stoned.
 Has left your bus empty, let me take you home.

The people you find there, know just where you’ve been,
 If you want what they have, then surrender to win.
 So as the door opened then so did my eyes,
 The steps off the bus, led up to the skies.
 I turned to the driver, confusion on my face,
 He said they are numbered, it’s freedom, not a race.
 Take one at a time slowly, and then you will see.


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