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Cling to rationalizations


Cling to rationalizations
Rationalization had failed; I was young and derailed;
I had lost my point of zen, I was in there alone 'n bent;
I had to lick my wounds up, only to stick my head up;
Everything I had entailed, had simply away sailed;
Every blessing heaven sent; for me, not worth a cent;
And every day I picked up, each day I picked it up.

On me a bad fate was bestowed, an addiction to blow;
Me and my will are foes, more than others could ever know.

When I was beaten no one hailed, during my last exhale;
I was unable to obey, each day a little more I strayed;
I was feeling alone and nailed, myself I just had jailed;
I was unable to stay, each day my future seemed more gray;
And my good will did not prevailed, I had failed, I had failed;
And now I surrender each day; no splendor, come what may;

By Ser Gobe


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