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A Poem About Addiction - Ashley



I've got an addiction to a prescription that isn't even mine
Living a life of fiction and repetition, but I'll say I'm doing just fine
My nose is itchy, I'm being bitchy, just let me do one more line
I'm getting dizzy pretty quickly but my eyes begin to shine
I've woken up on the floor but I need to do some more
Let me lock the door so Mom doesn't see me sick to the core
I'm happy now, I'm just a little sore
But why is there a part of me that doesn't want to do this anymore?
I'm scratching at my flesh and my hair is a mess
But if someone comes and asks I'll tell them I'm doing my best
How can you not see I'm faking? I'm sitting on the floor and can't stop fucking shaking
My heart is slowly breaking, my whole body is aching
For now I'll stay flying and getting through life by lying
If I don't get sober soon, at least I'll die "trying"

thank you ashley that was amazing girl you keep coming back so glad to have you in our lil na recovery family Hugs n Unconditional Love

Ty Ashley welcome hugs and love Keep on writing and don't give up on getting clean ever

Figured I would praise your poem publicly as well. Great poem. Really able to relate to it. Keep up the good work "Quit-Buddy". :)

Thank you Ashley that was an awesome poem! I think I met you in the online meeting the other night, I hope all is well keep coming! ((HUGS))


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