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Chronic illness, take a narcotic, specialized sleep med, struggle with it.


ive tried going off it, been on it for 5 years. It can hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm up and consequences follow. I've had my husband hold it, but he has been struggling (wouldn't take it, but wasn't comfortable asking him when he travels and drinks. May b an option again soon, but I also ergo nice I'm a bit depressed (in w a broken ankle) so can't go out..... It's been a struggle since I crashed, was too sick to eat or move... And it took all that away. So it became 30 minutes of freedom from pain,mnaseua,Mack of appetite,
Now I look forward to it, it take it when I don't need to, as an escape. I went to a detox where I was given it (2 nightly doses) and did just fine. Problem is, it's fast acting, I burn through the window and don't trust I'll sleep. If I have it available I'll justify taking a dose.

Any similar experience,msuggestion?

Husband may be doable again, he's going for help, I believe, tomorrow. We both had considerable sobriety,,,,,

we have a booklet ... in times of illness
can be found na.org site

Does anyone have experience with this?!

An excerpt from the Home page...

In Narcotics Anonymous (NA), members are encouraged to comply with complete abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. It has been the experience of NA members that complete and continuous abstinence provides the best foundation for recovery and personal growth. NA as a whole has no opinion on outside issues, including prescribed medications. Use of psychiatric medication and other medically indicated drugs prescribed by a physician and taken under medical supervision is not seen as compromising a person's recovery in NA, but we realize that we must exercise caution as our bodies are unable to discriminate between those drugs prescribed by a doctor and those that we used to obtain on the street.

Because it is important for our recovery we focus on recovery and we avoid discussions about specifics of drugs (and medicines).
I do not have experience with the problem you have described. If i did i would not post that info on the forum but might send you a personal message.
But as far as this site we offer the principles of recovery. I encourage you - and all other members to read the booklet In Times Of Illness as has been suggested.



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