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« on: October 24, 2016, 12:35:47 PM »
Hi.My name is Roberta.For many years I avoided true recovery by taking the easier softer way.Suboxone. I decided to taper down about 6 months ago.Currently I'm down to 1 mg.and now I can see my powerless and unmanageablity.I fear withdrawal. I'm so afraid to take that final jump. Any suggestions would be welcome. Should I try and get clonidine from the doctor (I read about that) or taper more or just do it...any one with lije experience please contact me..**Email address removed- violates terms of service***..if I didn't post properly please let me know ..PS I feel I can handle withdrawal it it my own mind and emotions where the problem is.
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Re: Suboxon
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 10:47:01 PM »
Welcome to our online recovery family.  :hugs:

Everyone is different, and what works for one of us might not for another.  NA has no official stance on drug replacement therapy, so that our sometimes polarizing opinions about it do not divide our fellowship.  That said, I am happy to share my own experience and opinion.

I am grateful that I did not go onto drug replacement therapy when I got clean.  It was very difficult to go through withdrawal but once I did I was clean and not dependent on another drug.  If I had gone onto suboxone I would have not only been physically dependent on it to keep from withdrawing but also I would have still been caught up in the obsession of thought that goes with having to worry about what happens if I ran out of my drt, the fear of going into withdrawal.  I surrendered and found help when I no longer had to run like that and I am grateful.  I abused methadone when I was in active addiction too so there would always be that concern too.   

Remembering the withdrawal and how bad it was is now a source of strength for me...I got through it and I never thought I could or would.  It helps me not use today, too, because I don't want to go through withdrawal ever again.  I was encouraged to hang in there and told it would get better when I stopped using...and it did get better.  You can do this and you are not alone, ever again, in NA.  Hope to hear how you are doing soon. 
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