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Author Topic: New member frustrated venting.  (Read 5540 times)

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Re: New member frustrated venting.
« Reply #20 on: June 11, 2019, 03:19:17 PM »
My fiancee recently lost her job for doing the right thing and it's unbelievable how powerless you can feel and how easy it is for some guy you've never even met to suddenly throw your entire life into confusion and take food off of your table.

A shoplifter darted from her store and a customer trying to be a good Samaritan went after him. There's a strict no leaving the store policy (apparently) because my fiancee took two steps out the front door while on the phone with 911 to check on the customer.

She wanted the customer to come back in and not risk her safety over a pair of shoes and those two steps is all it took to get an employee of six years with zero write-ups who's never been fired before terminated.

All she was doing was making sure the customer was safe and it cost her, her job. Doing the right thing and being gainfully employed should not be mutually exclusive.

She's a saint and my rock and it is terrible there is so little I can do for her.