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What does the First Step mean to you?


I am two months into my recovery, and am working on my first step. My sponsor gave me an assignment to ask people what the first step meant to them. So I found this forum and am looking for some addicts to share with me for my sponsor work and for personal guidance and understanding.

Look forward to reading your responses

Thank you all very much  :)

for me it meant that I couldn't use just one and stop no matter how hard I tried to I proved time and time again that I couldn't. the hard part of step on for me was grasping the fact that I wasn't responsible for the things I did in my recovery but my sponsor helped me see that if I was not getting high I wouldn't have done the things I did to get that fix id didn't matter what drug I used because a drug is a drug and I had to keep that in mind so that I didn't focus on well I didn't do that drug so maybe I am not an addict. I had lost the ability to know how to live in everyday life but  once I got to meetings they started teaching me.

hope this helps


that first step means a lot to me. it means that i admitt i have a problem and accept that i have to change the things im doing, then things im thinking, and the people im hanging around. not an easy thing to admitt and take action on. i was used to doing things "my way" but that poinbt came when "my way" just wasn't working out so well anymore. i knew about the program and had been in and out of it several times over the course of several years but never for the right reasons. i wasn't here for ME. i was always here for someone else because they wanted me clean so i ddin't really put much into things and didn't follow the program the wasy its meant, i tried to tailor it to me. needless to say that didn't work out so well and it ddin't take long before i was using again. once i saw that i had a problem and became willing to change and started working the program i began to see progress. and i began to understand the program and the importance of the steps and their order

 hope this helps


For me, getting honest...with myself.  Answering that question that would lurk in the back of my mind after yet another sleepless night...maybe I AM an addict?  The realisation that no matter how good my intentions were each day I would always end up using. Admitting that I can't do this alone.


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