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Author Topic: Does Alcoholism/Addiction Really run in families?  (Read 3823 times)

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Does Alcoholism/Addiction Really run in families?
« on: February 22, 2015, 02:46:53 PM »
I've always pretty much figured that the answer to this question is "yes". My two brothers and I grew up with an alcoholic father with an intense addictive personality. He was never home and always out drinking at bars, parties, or hit Mom's (my Grandma) drinking *with* her.

He treated all of us like s*i* when he was drunk which was most of the time. He never abused us physically which is a good thing because my older brother and I would've smashed him. My Mom ended up staying with him for seventeen years. I don't blame her. She has worked the same job for over 35 years. Always been able to support us with safety, shelter, food, clothes, and the essentials. I don't blame anyone for my own problems although I fully acknowledge that my Parents did play an integral part in me turning out like I did.

Anyway, not much addiction runs in my Mom's side of the family. Some, but not much at all and she had eight brothers and sisters including herself. It seems that all three of us (me and my two brothers in which i fall in the middle) have received our father's addictive personality. However, my younger brother has been able to utilize his "problems" into his work. His work just happens to be "condensed matter physics" in which he about to receive his PHD in and probably split some atoms or something...He's almost five years younger than me though. He wasn't around to be a part of things when our dad was around more and really bad off, always being drunk and always verbally fighting with our Mom and treating my older bro like sh*t.

Anyway, I myself, believe that yes, genetics play a huge part of the way our brains and bodies are wired while at the same time, i also believe that environmental factors play an integral role as well. My older bro and I...we struggle with some of the same issues our dad did and does struggle with as well. Thing is that *I* know for a fact that there is some hope as I am 34 years old and quite a few years ago now, I spent three plus straight years working mainly on my mental health and for a few years there, improved dramatically until the chronic pancreatitis began. Now, I deal with the fact that even though my doctor in florida started having me take subutex 8 mg, 3 x daily for pain (and it worked), and even though he said that it was *not* addictive (and my stupid a** believed him), fact is that i am now an addict. Really always have been, it started with cigarettes. Also I struggle with my living conditions (no electric, no heating at times, having to walk everywhere in the cold and snow, etc. and the fact that my ex and i were
parted on terms that were not planned...meaning that we were accidentally separated from each other and now i haven't heard from her for a couple
months. I'm trying to get back on my feet and from what i've just found out, she's spending a lot of time with her feet *behind*...(i'd better just stop there) meanwhile self-destructing and not trying in the slightest to get back onto solid ground. Even though she has a few really good people in her corner. Sometimes I just want to give up...

My question though, and supposed point of this thread, was to see what your opinions are in regards to genetics, environment, and/or both of their involvements into the concept of "addictive personality pre-disposition". Also if the number of addicts in your family tree puts you at a higher or much higher risk.
Any thoughts would be great! Thanks for reading :)
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