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Helpful Recovery Links
« on: March 01, 2010, 01:57:14 AM »
To access the official website for the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, go to:

To find a meeting or the local helpline in your area, go to:

To order recovery literature online, go to:

To receive the Just For Today daily reading in your email each day, go to:

For service material, go to:

To view the current events calendar at, go to:

To view issues of The NA Way Magazine online or to subscribe to receive this magazine at home, go to:

To contact Narcotics Anonymous World Services, go to:

To find information on the next NA World Convention, go to:
If you are not an addict, but the friend or family member of one, we encourage you to check out Nar-Anon, a group for relatives and friends who are concerned about the addiction or drug problem of another.  The web address for this site is:
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