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Title: Our Chat Networks Terms of Service
Post by: Lon on January 13, 2014, 11:35:38 PM
  Terms of Service  (GeekShed)         
When you connect to the GeekShed Network, you agree to the following rules. If you  break any of the following rules,  you may find yourself banned from the GeekShed network and all our other services. If you do not agree, simply disconnect from the network and do not reconnect.

Open proxies are not allowed on the GeekShed network. When you connect to GeekShed IRC, your  connection will be port scanned for open—and potentially insecure—proxies.  This is not an attack on your computer and will only happen when you connect.
   Geek Shed prohibits the following on its network:
  Always follow the directions of GeekShed staff. The network staff has final determination on all matters relating to the network.  If a GeekShed staff member asks you to do something and you refuse, your action  does constitute a breach of these rules.
GeekShed is not responsible for the content you may transmit or receive. Due to the real time nature of IRC, we cannot monitor or police the exchange of data. To protect yourself, we highly recommend that you run a current antivirus program and never click on links from people  you do not know.
We will cooperate with any law enforcement agency’s request for information when it is sent to us through proper legal channels.
Questions? If you have a question regarding the terms of service, please stop in #help and ask one of the staff members for assistance, or post your question on the GeekShed Help! forum (
Title: Re: Our Chat Networks Terms of Service
Post by: Sean_A on January 13, 2014, 11:37:39 PM